Good News!

Did you know?

Have you heard?

Everything you’ve ever done wrong is forgiven and God is not counting those things against you anymore. In Jesus Christ, He restored your place of acceptance in His family. The war between you and God is over; there is now peace from God toward you. Jesus has taken away your wrongs. Do you believe this? Can it be true that nothing is in the way of your knowing Him for yourself?

Imagine you have a distant relative who died and left you her entire fortune. The executor of her estate sends you a letter telling you of your inheritance and how to claim it from the bank. What would happen if you didn’t believe the letter? If you never went to the bank and claimed your treasure? You would live—and die—without it.

The Bible is your letter. It tells about mankind—where we came from, what we’ve been through. And it tells about God’s plan to buy us back from our separation from Him. Fulfilling hundreds of prophecies (which you can read for yourself), Jesus Christ purchased your inheritance when He took God’s wrath upon Himself, died, and then rose again. The Bible is your letter that explains just what He left for you and how to receive it.

Why would He do that?

Because He loves you.

IMG_2100(2)I know that sounds cliché. But it’s true. You are His treasure for which He gave all He had (His own Son, Jesus Christ) so that He could have you and you could have Him. You are valuable. You are desirable. You are loveable. You have been created in His image, and His love for you is a pure, everlasting love.

Is this news to you? Are you receiving this truth for the first time in your life? Do you feel a change happening inside of you? That is you becoming a new creation, a totally new you that has never existed before. And this new you will never be stained or condemned by the things you’ve done wrong again, because Jesus Christ has taken away your wrongs—forever.

Follow Him, and never look back.

If I am speaking to you, if you are the new creation this message was written for, please give me a call or an e-mail. I want to help you as you embark on the greatest, most dangerous, most thrilling adventure of your lifetime.

Your new sister,


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