“I have been through three major professional editors, and Rachel Bradley was the one that was worth every single penny. She not only fixed all my errors but suggested how to improve my novel overall.  I changed my mind every other day, and she was honest enough to tell me if it was worth putting it in or not. She always gave me her honest opinion and made me question many things about my book that I never thought about or noticed. Even after the process was done, she still helped me.  You can honestly trust Rachel Bradley. I have been with BIG editing companies, and they don’t even hold a flame to her. She will safe handle your work like it was her own. Believe me when I say she is worth your time, money, and patience. She will definitely be the person I call for editing my second book.”

J.H. Carnathan
Author of Purgatorium

“Rachel Bradley was amazing! She worked on a very controversial project with me and took me right out of my comfort zone. When I wanted to quit, she encouraged me to keep going. I couldn’t have finished this book without her!”

Sundi Jo Graham
Author and Founder, Esther’s House of Redemption

“Rachel Bradley is an extremely talented editor and a consummate professional in her field of expertise. The dedication she shows toward her authors is extraordinary. She takes whatever time is needed to ensure that the writer fully understands any changes she may suggest. In addition, she possesses an unmatched ability to discern the author’s intent and help them effectively communicate those concepts to their readers.

“I have the highest regard for Rachel Bradley, both as an editor and as a person. Her prices are fair and she treats others with great respect and kindness, exemplifying the sincerity of her Christian faith. I highly recommend contracting the services of this dedicated professional.”

T.R. O’Reilly
            Author of REAL: A Testimony

“Rachel Bradley is a gifted editor with a gentle interviewing technique that guided this first-time author through basic rules of writing and editing. She is patient and willing to teach, as well as skilled and efficient in her communication. I tend to be a person who speaks in bullet points, and my manuscript reflected this. Rachel asks pertinent questions and makes suggestions; this helped clarify and expand my manuscript. The amount of editing provided helped smooth out the rough places and point out the gaps in my writing, as it will for those who work with her. Throughout our discussions, Rachel honored my experiences and perspectives. My book would never have gone to print without Rachel’s excellent editing. Thank you, Rachel.”

Mary Bruce
Author of  Widowhood: A Calling To Leadership

“Rachel’s editing was careful and diligent, and she met every agreed-upon deadline. She understood my directions and the reasoning behind them, and she left clear commentary on her perspective and suggestions. Her work strengthened the manuscript. I recommend Rachel’s editing and certainly intend to work with her in the future.”

James Brown, Author
Three Proofs of God


“Excellent editing and quick turnaround! Rachel totally captured the essence of my book. She is a true professional. She inserted recommendations and provided clear explanations for suggested changes. The best editing service I have used. I am impressed with Rachel’s work and absolutely recommend her editing services.”

Lorenza Bedgood, Author

“For many years, it’s been my dream to publish. Finding an editor was a large question mark in that journey, and the length of time required to find the right editor was daunting. I needed an individual that would allow the message to remain as is, but make it the best it could be. Rachel Bradley fills that need. I trust her to edit, to offer helpful critiques, and to turn my project into the best version possible—all without editing my voice or the message I want to share. She continually challenges my writing, making it better, and helping to draw the depth of what I am trying to communicate to the fore. She meets deadlines, schedules her time well, and responds promptly when I contact her. Without hesitation, I recommend her services.”

Bokerah Brumley
Wife, Mom, Writer, and Author

“Rachel Bradley’s constructive criticism was clearly presented in a spirit of cooperation and a desire to help me develop both my product and my craft. She exceeded my high expectations. I could not have asked for a more thoughtful, informed, or honest critique of my work.”

Daryl Simmons, Author

“Through working with different writing courses, critique groups, and editing services, I found that maintaining my authentic voice was the one thing that I wanted to control most of all. Rachel Bradley not only learned my voice, but helped me to stay consistent with it throughout my novel. Her editing was spot-on in all the important aspects, while helping me stay true to the most important aspect—my story, in my voice. I was in no way prepared for the magnitude of her suggested revisions. Her attention to detail and breadth of knowledge drew things out of the text that I had not even considered. She has made both my writing and my novel stronger. If you are looking to hone your craft, and your story, the tools and expertise that Rachel brings to the table are invaluable. She is a professional on every level, yet works tirelessly as a true friend would. Your work will receive unparalleled attention and her editing WILL make it better. There is no doubt that Rachel’s editing will be attached to some of the best works to come. It is only a matter of time.”

Pamela S. Black
Author of Held

“Rachel Bradley’s constructive criticism was clearly presented in a spirit of cooperation and a desire to help me develop both my product and my craft. She exceeded my high expectations. I could not have asked for a more thoughtful, informed, or honest critique of my work.”

Daryl Simmons, Author

“I did not expect the attention to the totality of the project that Rachel Bradley provided. Her input on the book far exceeded my expectations. She was encouraging and very thorough.”

Jennifer O. White, Author

“I love how Rachel Bradley reworked my project and the clarity that her edits brought to my message. She poured a lot into it and is excellent and gifted in what she does!”

Ngina Otienda, Author

“I did not expect such details in the editing advice—which was great!!!”

Tami Peterson, Aspiring Children’s Author