The New Answers Book 4

new-answers-book-4I’ve always been able to count on Master Books (a division of New Leaf Publishing Group) to publish fascinating, cutting edge information in the area of Creation Science. The New Answers Book 4 did not disappoint. Edited by Ken Ham and written by many different scientists, The New Answers Book 4 addresses many questions relevant to scientific issues of today.

Chapter one is written by Ken Ham. Many of you may recognize him as being associated with Answers In Genesis. Some of you, even those who are Christians, may react with negative emotions when you hear or read his name. He’s taken quite a stand for what he believes, and many people don’t like it. Unfortunately though, if you have not taken the time to be exposed to him firsthand and instead have only heard things about him, you may have a very wrong impression. Chapter one was written to set at least one misunderstanding associated with his name straight: Does the Gospel depend on a young earth?

Whether you think the answer is yes or no, that question may raise your blood pressure a little. Ken Ham has been represented as claiming that belief in a young earth is the only way to salvation. Chapter one sets this misunderstanding to rest. Salvation is only found in Jesus Christ. There is no other name under heaven by which man must be saved. Ken Ham does NOT teach, nor believe, that you must believe in a young earth to be saved.

Having set that straight, he does point out the very true fact that all doctrines in the Bible, including salvation through Jesus Christ, are rooted in Genesis. That makes the issue of a young earth monumentally important.

Continuing on past chapter one, I found particularly interesting the answers to the following questions:

  • Were dragons real?
  • Was Charles Darwin a Christian?
  • Were there really cavemen?
  • Should there be a battle between science and the Bible?
  • What are the best evidences of a young earth?
  • Were people originally dumb brutes?
  • What about living fossils?
  • Are there transitional forms in the fossil record?
  • What about beneficial mutation?
  • Does embryology prove evolution?
  • Is speciation evidence for Creation or Evolution?

When I came to the question, Are Genetically Modified Organisms wrong?, I was disappointed by the answer. But mainly I was disappointed because it conflicted with the way I would answer it. However, I always welcome opposing viewpoints and enjoy getting other perspectives. This answer was written by Dr. Andrew Fabich who concluded that GMOs are not morally wrong. He further said that we just don’t have enough information on their effects to know if they are good or bad for us physically. Well, thanks Dr. Fabich, but I think I’ll avoid them for the next 50 years and let those who feel comfortable with being the guinea pigs fill that role.

Overall, The New Answers Book 4 was filled with great information by leading Creation scientists. It would be a great addition to anyone’s personal library.

I am grateful to New Leaf Publishing Group ( for providing me with a free copy of The New Answers Book 4 in exchange for an honest review of this book.

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