The Eyes of the Lion, by Cindy Yee Kong


The Eyes of the Lion follows Cindy Yee Kong through her life of neglect, abuse, and despair into a life of hope, ambition, and accomplishment. I received this book as a Christmas gift and it is definitely worth reading. I rated it three stars only because I want to give readers an objective editor’s perspective as well as my perspective as a reader. Cindy’s story is relatable and moving. It is incomprehensible the way she rose out of her circumstances and made a life for herself. She has truly inspired me.


As an editor, some things jumped out at me, not about the quality of the story, but about the quality of the writing. The writing has a bit of trouble with proper grammar in places, and the ending left me with some unanswered questions. However, the writing’s problems give an authentic ring to the text, and when you read it, you know you are seeing the heart of the author. I also found Cindy to be very approachable through her LinkedIn account, and I was even blessed with the opportunity to meet her in person! This is an author who has many more great things ahead for her. Don’t miss the opportunity to allow her life to bless and touch yours through The Eyes of the Lion.