Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World: Leaving a Lasting Legacy, by Ken Ham and Steve Ham

Raising Raising Godly Children Review PicGodly Children in an Ungodly World is another success for publisher Master Books (a division of the New Leaf Publishing Group, Inc.). Brothers Ken and Steve Ham team up to encourage believers to be confident that God has given them all they need to be successful parents. True to form, the Ham brothers point readers straight to the unshakable Word of God. They use their personal experiences growing up in the Ham family to share practical advice on how to leave a legacy for your children.

It’s no surprise that Ham Senior held fast to the Word of God as man’s final authority, including its record of origins and creation. Ken Ham grew up during a time in which very little scientific evidence was mainstream to support the creation account. When his dad was unable to answer Ken’s questions, Ham Senior encouraged Ken that his lack of answers didn’t mean there were no answers. Ken’s father clearly understood “that if Adam wasn’t created from dust, and that if he didn’t fall into sin as Genesis states, then the gospel message of the New Testament can’t be true either” (p.19). This assurance led Ken on the journey that has become the internationally reaching Answers in Genesis ministry.

Through their personal stories and practical suggestions, the Hams empower parents to go against the flow of the world and be accountable for what their children are learning about life and truth. They expound upon the idea of having the Bible as an axiom, the central point around which your beliefs and ideas revolve. This is essential to gain the confidence in God’s grace you need to raise your children in truth. The Hams point out it “is totally inconsistent to insist on a biblical foundation, but at the same time accept man’s fallible views about the universe and life or somehow try to mix them together.”

This book will challenge you, encourage you, and bless you. It will grow your confidence in God’s ability to use you to parent your children and help you rely more fully on His grace. The only eternal substances you can take with you after death are the souls of people. Although you cannot take your car, boat, house, or bank account, you can take your children with you. So are your priorities and actions reflecting this fact? Are you investing your time and efforts in your children’s training in truth or in other momentary possessions? Two questions that challenged me were, “You might know what psychologists, pastors, or your parents say; but do you know what God says in His Word?” and, “Could you write down clear biblical guidelines for raising your children?” (p.82, 83).

In addition to supplying excellent information, the book provides useful tools at the end of each chapter to help the readers retain and apply what they have learned. There is a recap of key thoughts as well questions to provoke parents into assuming an active role in the legacy they will leave to their children. Also included are resources to equip parents to accomplish the mandates set forth in the chapter.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book for any Christian who is or may someday be a parent.


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