Perspective Is Everything

Perspective Is Everything

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My sweet, baby boy is ten months and thirty-seven weeks old today. He’s teething and has been in rare form on the irritability scale. Poor little guy just doesn’t feel good. His mouth hurts.

So this evening I had planned to do some dishes and get some work done after putting him to bed. But guess what? It took TWO HOURS to get him to sleep tonight! I was lying there, wrestling with emotions of impatience and frustration, cuddling and calming back and forth between his baby laughs and his baby cries. All I could think was, I could be doing so many dishes right now. I could get so much work done in two hours if I didn’t have to put this baby to bed!

Then it dawned on me. I don’t have to spend two hours putting this baby to bed. I get to spend two hours putting this baby to bed. Who else on this planet gets to hang out with snuggles and cuddles and giggles and rolls and romps with my Maximus for two whole hours? The answer: NOBODY. Me! I get to! And that changed everything.

Who cares about dishes and work? They’ll be there for me tomorrow. Today is just what it needs to be. Today, momming comes first.

Pleasant penning,

Rachel E. Newman, CP
Freelance Editor and Indexer
Certified Paralegal

Rachel E. Newman holds a BS degree from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma. She is a member of the Christian PEN: Proofreaders and Editors Network, is certified with the Christian Editor Connection, serves as a judge for the Excellence in Editing Award, and serves as a faculty member for PENCON, the only conference for editors in the Christian market.

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