Evolution Impossible by Dr. John Ashton


When examining the testimony of an expert, juries are often informed by the courts to consider the testimony of the expert and give it the weight they think it should have, the value of the testimony being for them to determine.  Juries are not required to surrender their own judgment to that of any person testifying as an expert or otherwise.

I wish our science teachers were required to instruct us of the same when teaching us about the “fact” of evolution.  As young impressionable children we often defer our own reasoning capacity to those we consider to be “experts”.  Thus, so many of us are indoctrinated with the idea that human origins by and through evolution has been so established and so proven that we may as well question the existence of gravity as question the process of evolution.

Dr. John Ashton has done the “lay” people a tremendous service by compiling in this easy to read book 12 reasons (supported by valid and extensive scientific evidence) to reject the idea of origins through evolution.

In Evolution Impossible, he explains how the Theory of Evolution developed and identifies the many assumptions upon which it is based.  Gathering data from many different scientific fields, Dr. Ashton elaborates upon the difference of what should be seen in nature based upon the Theory of Evolution, and what is actually observed.

If you have subscribed to the Theory of Evolution as a valid explanation of our origins, this book will shake the foundations upon which you formed that belief.

If you have questioned the Theory of Evolution and always been bothered by its claims, this book will affirm your suspicion that “Evolution” truly is not only unbelievable, but impossible.

You be the judge.  You be the jury.  You CAN decide for yourself.  Don’t let “experts” dictate what you believe about where we came from and where we are going.  And don’t make a decision without all of the evidence.  Dr. Ashton’s book presents substantial evidence against the Theory of Evolution that you may never have even known existed.

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