Dear Dad, Did You Know I Was a Princess? by Sundi Jo Graham

DearDadWhen I picked up Dear Dad, did you know I was a Princess?, I had no idea what to expect. Therefore, it’s no surprise I was blown away by Sundi Jo and her journey to the truth. Written in the form of letters to her dad with prayers to her heavenly Father intermittently inserted, this book covers the time period shortly after Sundi Jo’s earthly father passed away.

Unknown to her, Sundi Jo had many issues in her life that God was about to flush out.  Her father’s death was a catalyst which landed her, begrudgingly and at the insistence of her closest friends, in a year of rehab.

I have never gone through anything like what Sundi Jo experienced, and her reflections were like an open door drawing me into a hidden realm of hurt, pain, despair, addiction, and even homosexuality.  After immersing me in the darkness that surrounded her, she triumphantly showed me the way out.  What a beautiful story of love and redemption.  The power of God so moved in her life that the princess inside emerged in victorious glory.

Early in her letters she shares the cry of her soul.  It is one with which we all, if we live long enough, can identify.  “I am done just surviving.  I want to live.” Eventually, Sundi Jo receives a revelation of the workings of fear, and the control fear can have on one’s life. She discovers God’s power to set her free from the fear that had paralyzed her heart and does indeed learn to really live.

This book is the kind of book that leaves you feeling like you’ve made a new and very dear friend.  Although Sundi Jo has never met me, I feel like I know her well.  Her journey will touch everyone who shares it in a lasting and beautiful way, and I am grateful it is now a part of my life.

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