Prayers for New Brides, by Jennifer O. White

Prayers for New Brides“Jennifer, sometimes marriages die.” The statement came from a professional Christian counselor. The marriage that had started out hopeful and brimming with promise had fallen on hard times. With advice coming from all sides to end it, Jennifer felt like divorce was the right and only decision. What else could she do?

When new storms ravaged her second marriage, desperation drove her to seek our Father’s advice instead. His voice spoke words that brought healing and restoration. Prayers for New Brides is a book of hope and redemption, a book of battles and victories. God spoke to Jennifer’s heart at a time when she was willing to listen. She learned who her enemy was and the strategy being used against her. Slowly she became equipped with the battle armor of a lasting love and a marriage secure in the Father’s truth.

This book is not only for new brides but will benefit any woman who feels defenseless in the midst of a raging battlefield. Jennifer is vulnerable and real about the war being fought and how it must be won. She shares from her personal experience and then she provides Scripture after Scripture to build you up and give you confidence. Each chapter is arranged with a Scripture-based prayer at the end followed by a call to action. It will challenge you and free you from many wrong ideas; and by the time you put it down, you will feel you have made a new friend.

Prayers for New Brides is published by New Leaf Publishing Group.

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